ta wan

Established our homegrown brand in 1996, Ta Wan
is proudly serving Chinese cuisine dishes and bring
everyday comfort food.

IMG_8372 - Ayam Kung Pao ed

From simple and humble porridge place, we have become to a full-fledged Chinese casual dining restaurant in more than 20 cities all over Indonesia. Our locations are where our customers are – we are located in Indonesia’s most convenient and high-traffic shopping malls, a key leisure and work week destination for Indonesian customers.
Our establishment interior is designed with simple, modern and warm color tone, makes our place their “kitchen away from home”. In every plate we serve, we assure its quality, reliability and consistency.
We are looking to bring more Ta Wan across Indonesia and we are proud to serve more than 7 million customers every year.

Ayam Kung Pao
Jamur Enoki Goreng
Sup Bebek
Bubur Ikan Sapi
Daging Kombinasi
Cumi Saus Thai
Hot Plate Seafood
Mapo Tahu
Ikan Dori Telur Asin