Dapur solo


Dapur Solo was founded in 1988 from the appreciation
of authentic Indonesian & Javanese culinary. It offers
Javanese comfort food and favorite dishes in full-service
restaurant and in lunch box / catering format.

Our best menu selections are ranging from Nasi Liwet, Nasi Langgi, Sop Buntut, Soto Ayam and many more. We operate 5 full-service restaurants in Jakarta and Greater Area, as well as dedicated central kitchen and distribution points to cater our lunch box delivery business for office, corporate and family events


Our interior is a mixed design between modern and classic Indonesian style. With minimalist and sleek design, every outlet is equipped with Indonesia’s traditional ornaments such as batik-pattern lamps, display of famous Indonesian shadow puppets (wayang) and wood-based chair and dining tables. Customers can feel the modern living and authentic Java culture in every establishment. We positioned our brand as highly responsive, fast, and reliable while embracing our root and traditions.

Nasi Gudeg Jogja
Sop Ayam Kampung
Urap Solo
Nasi Liwet Solo
Garang Asem Ayam
Asem-asem Iga
Nasi Uduk Spesial
Selat Solo
Nasi Langgi Kuning Spesial