We set high standard
we work with passion to achieve perfection
We serve excellent food
and deliver outstanding service
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Serving happiness through delicious food

Eatwell Culinary Indonesia always strives to be the number #1 restaurant group in Indonesia. We are consistently committed to adhering to our core values, therefore we can serve our main purpose: creating memorable culinary experiences.

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Established our homegrown brand in 1996, Ta Wan is proudly serving Chinese cuisine dishes and bring everyday comfort food

From simple and humble porridge place, we have become to a full-fledged Chinese casual dining restaurant in more than 20 cities all over Indonesia.

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Ichiban Sushi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant, offering authentic and Indonesian-influenced fusion Japanese dishes.

Opened its first outlet in 1995, Ichiban Sushi now has reached more than 20 cities in Indonesia and we are so proud and humble to be the first and biggest sushi chain in the country.

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Dapur Solo was founded in 1988 from the appreciation of authentic Indonesian & Javanese culinary.

We offer Javanese comfort food and favorite dishes in full-service restaurant and in lunch box / catering format. Our best menu selections are ranging from Nasi Langgi, Nasi Gudeg, Sop Buntut, Soto Ayam and many more. We operate 38 restaurants and 11 lunch box outlets in Jakarta and Greater Area.